A woman’s wedding day is a landmark in her life and to so many others who love and adore her. Everything for this day is looked into in great detail and planned to perfection! A bride ought to be able to look back at the day and have no regrets about having chosen a lehenga that she simply loves and feels great in! At Shringar, we aim to always be on-trend and keeping up with the latest styles and designs when curating our pieces, however, it is very crucial to give importance to the traditions, colours and motifs of your bridal attire as this is where the magic of your bridal look comes from.

With the latest Heritage Luxe Collection for 2021 – we present a collection of Luxury ensembles that are timeless and intricately crafted yet comfortable enough to complete your rituals and have a great time in style for when you look back at your wedding, it is only filled with happy memories in your bridal lehenga. Colours hold an important place in Indian culture; each shade signifies different aspects of your life and heritage. The colour red is commonly associated with love and passion; in an Indian context, red is also connected to the rising sun. Red has been the age-old traditional colour for Indian brides and continues to hold its place in a world of pastels.

We share four intricately crafted looks with you in beautiful shades of red and a beautiful emerald green hue that is perfect for the Modern Day Heritage Bride who wishes to pay homage to her traditional routes on her big day.

This Cherry Red Lehenga features handcrafted traditional motifs and embellishments with floral handwork embroidery with a beautiful tree of life motif added to this design blending tradition with contemporary elements. The tree of life carries significance in many cultures, In the sacred books of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma), Puranas mention a divine tree Kalpavriksha. Hindu tradition holds that there are five separate kalpavrikshas and each of them grants different wishes. We styled this look with a collar-choker and kept the jewellery minimal to give this gorgeous lehenga its own limelight to shine.

A vibrant Scarlet Red Lehenga features Gold & Pink Floral Handwork Embroidery & Embellishments which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor gatherings. Although this lehenga is in a traditional red tone, the embellishments add a contemporary feel to this traditional ensemble. We paired this look with a deep red ready to wear chuda-khada set and a clear stone choker set with hints of pink to compliment the pink floral hues featured on the lehenga and a minimalistic nathini.

This gorgeous Red Lehenga features motifs from Udaipuri Architecture & modern floral Handwork embroidery & embellishments combining tradition with modernism. We paired this look with traditional chuda and a luxurious Kundan choker and earring set with tika as well as an embellished nathni.

This Red Lehenga has stunning Gold architectural Motifs & Pink Floral Embroidery with Handwork Embellishments. A monochromatic heavy amber-shaded choker and Chandbali earrings and tika with velvet bangles were used to complete this look.

The finale of this feature is our loved Emerald Green Hand-embellished Lehenga with Traditional  Rajasthani Frames inspired by Haveli or Palace Architecture & Multicoloured Carnation Motifs in each frame. We styled this look with a deep gold set featuring a similar structure to the lehenga itself. We opted to contrast this look with white pearls rather than pairing it with green stone jewels as green-stone accented jewellery has become a bridal staple with reds and pastels.

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Campaign Credits

Model: Nayalka Navikishore
Styling & Direction: Shevaal Singh
Images: Yash R Photography
Production: Tempest Media

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Written by Shevaal Singh